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I'm Going to Have a Baby!

The essential guide for young mums and mums-to-be.

Who buys it?

Children’s centres, PCTs, Connexions order off-the-shelf copies for local distribution. Teenage pregnancy teams have locally-customised versions, e.g. Liverpool, Lancashire, Oxfordshire, Peterborough and others.

Helps you meet government targets

The guide meets the second strand of the government's teenage pregnancy strategy: to provide ongoing support and assistance.

What young mums want

We asked young mums: If you had a guide to all those things you needed to know once you knew you were pregnant, what should it contain?

Professional backup

The guide is based on their responses, plus thorough research and consultation with appropriate professionals.

Getting the balance right

It had to be easy-read and appeal to young mums, yet be accurate and have all the information they might need in circumstances they had yet to meet. This guide, we're told, strikes the right balance.

Advisers Love It

Having all the information in an accessible format helps advisers provide practical, accurate advice.

How to order

Available off the shelf to buy now Or customised for your local needs, with local contacts and amended content to make it your own.

Web version

For purchasers of customised versions, a web upload is available at extra cost and subject to certain conditions. Email us for more information.

We have also created websites with added features including news, events calendar for your meetings, groups and events, etc. See a sample at More information from