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I'm Going to Have a Baby, too!

The essential guide for young fathers.

“it’s spot on for the young dads I work with.” (dads’ worker)

Available off the shelf to buy now Or customised for your local needs, with local contacts and amended content to make it your own.

The decisions young fathers make in the early days of parenthood shape the experiences of their children. I’m Going to Have a Baby, Too! answers their questions, offering support and help on the issues that matter to them. Issues such as, choices, rights, getting involved and relationships.

This well-researched but user-friendly guide is peppered with quotes from young dads, along with useful hints and tips. It includes local and national contact information.

Who buys it?

Children’s centres, PCTs, Connexions, YOTs, dad’s projects, dads’ worker trainers order off-the-shelf copies for local distribution. Some have locally-customised versions, complete with local contact information and other changes.

Web version

For purchasers of customised versions, a web upload is available at extra cost and subject to certain conditions. Email us for more information.

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For more information, or to place an order email We look forward to hearing from you.

“For the first time there is a guide completely aimed at young fathers. – and we love it!” Christine Etheridge, Service Manager – Teenage Pregnancy & Sexual Health, Oxfordshire PCT.